As I picked up my Grande Vanilla Latte one day at Starbucks, the sleeve on my cup quoted words that resonated. “Follow your passion, it will lead you to your purpose.” these wise words are quoted by Oprah Winfrey and have not left my brain since.

While along my journey to self-discovery, I realized that my passion in life is to help others. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you have the ability to change someone’s day, or make their life just a tiny bit easier. Such fulfillment in that, and if I can be honest, I truly believe that is what human beings are on this earth to do.

When I began thinking about ways to help others I started a self-evaluation. This included assessing any knowledge that I may have picked up along experience, struggling times, schooling, lessons learned or wise words spoken by others. At first I thought, “who am I to teach people?” but I figured communication is key and there may be a small nugget of information in my brain that may have the potential for someone out there to look at things a little differently, or perhaps that one “nugget” is the solution to their current problem.

Thank you for joining me along this journey. I hope that one of the many articles on this site will inspire you, prepare you, guide you or just entertain you. In any case, welcome to my life.